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What is ARE "Advance Real Estate"

ARE is a company based primarily on Forex.
We are ARE team excited to launch our token ERC20, ARE on ethereum blockchain.
One of the company's goals is to remove a major obstacle to the real estate market,
which is the first company to buy any home in the world thanks to the company.

It's not only that, it allows you to buy for
12 months at reasonable prices.

And contributes 49% to the construction of the largest tourist center in Dubai and the seventh largest in the world

ARE also provide a share for orphans and care in more than 12 countries.

As it is with time let you lease in the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Knowing that it will conclude a deal in order to buy and rent cars.

What is Crypto?
How it works


During the initial coin offering (ICO), ARE as a company will issue virtual currency tokens called Advance Real Estate (ARE) on the
blockchain operated by a smart contract


There are many arguments why we have chosen to do initial coin offering instead of alternatives ways to raise money. First, an initial coin offer not only allows us to onboard participants from different regions but also to incentivize them to promote ARE products via affiliate commission.

Second, tokens provide liquidity since they can be traded on various exchanges after the ICO. Participants can liquidate their position like holding shares in a publicly listed company. Finally, the tokens’ smart contract enables easy distribution of weekly affiliate commission, which would be hard to process without usage of blockchain technology.



The participants will be divided into bonuses based on the contribution method. The top 50 investors will take up ready apartments in both Dubai and Turkey.

For investors between 50 and 100, they will take luxury cars to be determined by the company later. for more info please Read the white paper.






Pre-Sale & Values


1 ETH = 250$ = 250 ARE
We fixed Ethereum at 250$

  • We have successfully reached the soft cap! BUY now and get a higher discount.
    Get your tokens for the best price: We fixed the Ether price at $250.

    • Public PRE-ITS starts 13 March
    • Public ITS ends 26 November
    • Public ITS starts 16 September
    • Acceptable currencies ETH
    • Minimal transaction amount 1 ETH
    • Number of tokens for sale 150 M
    ARE ico App

    Mobile App

    It also features great trading features, among them application convert to USD immediately.
    A wallet can contain multiple public and private key pairs.

    Android & ios app

    A ARE wallet will be your gateway to access various blockchains. Hence, customers will be able to utilize a top-level inter-blockchain technology to facilitate off-chain and cross-chain transactions among different digital assets. The integrated exchange will allow you to easily convert assets from one to the other. Supported Peer-to-Peer payments will allow you to transfer funds to your friends at no cost. In addition to blockchain-based payments, a ARE wallet will provide access to a wide spectrum of traditional payment options for seamless deposits and withdrawals. The web and mobile (IOS, Android, Windows Phone) applications will allow you to access your assets from wherever you are.

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    November 2017
    Crypto Ico
    Platform idea
    January 2018
    Technical & strategy
    Spt 2018
    Ico Realease Live Now
    October 2018
    Beta version of
    ARE Ico
    December 2018
    dustributoin of the bonus
    January 2019
    Listed in exchange
    Bittrex, hitbitc, etc...
    February 2019
    Software development kit
    for integrations
    March 2019
    Appel, Android, IOS
    April 2019
    opening of local in dubai
    About coin


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    1,500,000 ARE or 0.75% of the entire token supply has been reserved for the ARE bounty program to incentivize the Cryptocurrency enthusiasts to participation in the promotion of the ARE ICO. These ARE will be distributed among the bounty program participants using the ‘stakes’ system.Bounty participants will be split into bounty pools based on their method of contribution, with each pool having its own distribution of ARE tokens (ARE). Participants will get stakes during the campaign and at the end of the campaign, with each member's amount of bounty ARE getting calculated and distributed on the basis on the work done by them.In the bounty program, the tokens have been sub-allocated from the 0.75%

    6,500,000 ARE (3.25% of the total token supply) have been reserved for incentivizing community members to participate in the development of the ARE project and the promotion of the ICO. These rewards include the people who help with community moderation (online & offline), outreach program (representing ARE at conferences/meetups/workshops/etc.), online or offline marketing, social media marketing, and any other community participation as may be deemed useful to the development of ARE project.

    Token stats

    Token Distribution

    The total supply of ARE is 210 Million. Out of these 210 Million, 160 Million
    Million (or 76% of the total supply) will be sold during the token sale.


    From the rest of the 50 Million ARE, , 12 Million (6% of the total supply) have been reserved for founders, , team, and advisors, 8 Million (4% of the total token supply) are allocated for the bounty program and community Incentivization, 10 Millions for the continue of the project.

    20 Millions for the program bonus (50 apartement and 50 cars last model )

    Symbol: ARE

    Initial Value: 1 ETH = 250 ARE

    Type: ERC20

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